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Sunday July 05, 2015

In honour of my mamma who passed on this day. A few things she taught me: ~ the beauty of compassion ~ that babies are magical beings capable of bringing a smile to the most suffering ~ that everyone is worthy of kindness ~ to not ever judge a book by it's cover ~ to love even those who have hurt us ~ buying blush is a waste of money when lipstick does the job better ~ how important it is to know how to cook ~ how to sew ~ how to look after other people ~ to find beauty in the small things ~ that suffering can be transcended by strength and the will to live ~ that love is all we ever truly have, it lives with us but it does not die with us ~ that words matter ~ that reading opens your mind and your world ~ to stand up for what you believe in ~ imagination is a gift ~ self love ~ ~ ~ and so much more....our mothers are the vehicle through which we enter this world. They are one of our greatest teachers. My mother was not an idealised version of a mother, but she was mine and she loved me more than I can even imagine. She taught me so many things, at times I was able to learn from her mistakes and these learnings are just as valuable. Remember, mothers are humans too, like us they are not infallible. Be grateful for all of the ways they have taught us how to be, and all of the ways they have also taught us how not to be. Whether they are here or not, thank them ~ I will never forget her words to me that last time I saw her "go and do all the things I couldn't do" every day I remember this teaching, life is precious, don't waste it. Love. ~ image: Day Maiden by Kris Chau, when I saw this I saw her in all of her vibrant glory ❤️❤️❤️

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Sunday June 28, 2015

Sunday June 21, 2015

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