Why we started this project

Three years ago, motivated by the findings on gratefulness in the field of positive psychology, we started writing a gratitude journal. Each day we would write down at least five things that we were feeling grateful for. Soon this became a habit and we noticed how this exercise transformed the way we looked at the world.

After a while we had the idea to share entries from our journals with friends. It gave us a lot of joy to let others know what made life rich for us. And then it was so beautiful to see how friends began sharing things with us which they were grateful for. Being part of their joy this way was a real blessing. We were surprised and inspired by the plentitude of things people appreciate in their lives. In awe we realized feelings of gratitude about more and more things ourselves which made the writing of our journals an even greater experience.

The Ted Talk by David Steindl-Rast on the connection between grateful living and happiness made us more aware of the benevolence that comes with being grateful as a way of life. We were inspired by his vision of how gratefulness can transform our society.

Knowing what a wonderful impact the exercise of expressing gratitude had on our lives and motivated by the positive feedback of so many people we talked to about this, we decided to create a platform that offers people the opportunity to experience this process of expressing gratitude and sharing their gratefulness with others.